18 things you shouldn’t do in other countries 

It’s when we travel to another country that we realize how human behavior can change from culture to culture, right? What might be common to us, or even nice and willing, might be an offense on another continent, and vice versa. And to get away from such a mico, we created this article to explain blow by hand some of our usual habits, and that can get bad in certain regions:

1. Do not talk or ask about money in France

French people hate to talk about how much they earn, how much they have and this is a hereditary cultural issue, directly linked to the time of the French Revolution, when the country went through a great crisis and its people lived practically in misery.

Sociologists explain that there are two reasons for this type of behavior: the first is because the unfortunate cultivated a mortal hatred of those who had the most money, due to the enormous social inequality of the time, and also because the French people always had the habit of keeping their they had in the house, so it was much safer not to talk about money with anyone.

2. In Ukraine, don’t give even-numbered flowers

Unless it’s for a funeral. Ukrainians love to receive flowers and value the gesture a lot, but remember to choose only an odd number of them. And avoid yellow tulips! This species is considered by them a flower that refers to separation.

3. Don’t honk in New Zealand

You know that light honk we usually give when the traffic lights open and the driver in front doesn’t notice? Or when we meet someone we know and decide to call their attention to say goodbye? That in New Zealand is quite an insult! So avoid!

4. Touching someone of the opposite sex in India is prohibited

The behavior between men and women in India is very different from ours: they don’t even touch each other for a greeting. Affectionate gestures in public are also not well regarded. In fact, women usually only walk with other women on the street, or with their father, or with their husband and during the day. Never alone.

5. It’s offensive to tip the Japanese

The Japanese people’s relationship with money and work is very serious, and for them, working is an honor. Tipping a waiter in Japan is an underrated gesture, and they see it as a discredit to their job. It’s as if you feel superior for having more money when trying to pay more than that service is worth.

6. Don’t be offended by local jokes in Mexico

Mexicans are extremely outgoing, funny and debauched, so don’t take it the wrong way if they start making jokes about themselves in front of you. They take it all in stride!

7. Avoid talking about church with Norwegians

In Norway, the population is free to follow any type of belief, but most of them do not usually attend any church. This matter is not talked about openly among them, and is taken as something very personal.

8. The “ok” gesture in Turkey is not ok at all!

… and yes a real offense. For Turks, this sign means “go to that place”, you know? Or that the person is a nothing.

9. Talking about salary with Brits is weird

As in other countries, asking someone in the UK how much they earn a month at work is an invasion of privacy.

10. Avoid straining your Irish accent

The Irish accent is quite peculiar, and it can even be a little difficult to understand for someone who doesn’t speak fluent English, but never try to imitate them. They will understand you speaking normally as you learned in language school.

11. Congratulate a German on the correct date of his/her birthday

For them, it is “bad omen” to congratulate them early or late. So if you’re celebrating someone’s birthday in Germany, and the party will be the day before, wait until midnight to congratulate them. Otherwise he will pretend he doesn’t understand (or won’t understand at all).

12. Don’t call a Kenyan by their first name

There is no such custom among them, and you can rest assured: this is normal and you should do the same.

13. Use cutlery in Chile

There they consider it unhygienic to eat with your hands.

14. Eating on public transport in Singapore is ugly

And it’s also forbidden. Leave to have a little mouthful only when you arrive at your destination.

15. Don’t forget the tips from the Americans!

If in Japan this is an insult, in the United States not tipping is synonymous with disrespect. The amount may vary in some regions, but generally, the common thing is to leave 20% of the account value.

16. Don’t order cappuccino at an Italian restaurant

Cappuccino is only taken for breakfast and preferably with a delicious brioche. After lunch or dinner, it’s nice to just order a coffee.

17. In Hungary, one should not touch glasses in a toast

Hungarians don’t have our habit of lifting their glasses and hitting each one there. Make sure your glass is full and just lift it.

18. No gifting the Chinese with umbrellas and watches

The Chinese are superstitious to the point, and legend has it that giving them a watch, for example, means that he will “assist a dying relative”. Better to choose a book to make no mistake, right?

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