17 most modern cities in the world in terms of technology

If you are looking for an urbanized destination, where technology and modernity are the most notable features, take note of the indications in the list below of cities that are increasingly advanced in terms of high-tech, and capable of making your trip an experience. only:

1. New York

You’ll find the modernity of the Big Apple just by looking up! Buildings with modern architectural facades and covered by colorful and luminous signs, high-end screens, among other attractions that pour out brand information, news and entertainment for 24 hours. No wonder New York is known worldwide as the city that never sleeps.
The tours can be of the most varied, such as visits to museums, tours of places where famous series and movies were recorded, lunch or dinner on top of skyscrapers and trendy bars. A true Cosmopolitan destination.

2. San Francisco

It’s in San Francisco that things happen in terms of technology, that’s because Silicon Valley is the epicenter of global innovation, according to 2thinknow. Large companies in the field are housed there, such as Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Sony, among others. Some of them offer guided tours to get to know the campus.

3. Chicago

Chicago’s advanced urban planning reveals how far ahead the city is in terms of modernity. And this can be found with just 10 minutes of walking through the streets, getting to know a little about the routine of its residents, and also in the service structure in its main tourist spots: everything is functional, practical and very efficient.

4. Los Angeles

Stage of several recordings of series and films of world success, Los Angeles offers its tourists a mix of nature with modernity, all in the right measure. In addition to the beautiful beaches, you can include sensational tours in your itinerary, such as participating in the recording of an episode of a series, visiting the Getty Museum, the Grammy Museum, attending a concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall, among other proposals.

5. Washington

It is in the capital of the United States that you will certainly find a lot of patriotism, in addition to modern and technological advances, as it is the place where the presidential headquarters, the famous White House, is located. Take a few days to explore the many museums on the National Mall, the famous National Air and Space Museum and the hundreds of memorials that exist in the city.

6. Montreal

The French city of Canada is home to several companies responsible for creating technology aimed at virtual reality, and it is obvious that local development would accompany this evolution. As it is a region of extensive winter, Montreal has the Underground City, which is nothing more than a real city with underground kilometers for the population to move around protected from the cold. It’s practically a huge mall with a subway inside!

7. Stockholm

Stockholm is one of the most influential cities in terms of world architectural trends, and its visitors see all this in the mix between the old and the new world of its projection. It is possible to visit several historical places as well as super modern ones, all in the same day. Get ready to experience unique gastronomic options, go to sophisticated shops and sensational technological museums!

8. Berlin

The main car manufacturers are present in the capital of Germany, which also presents an architectural structure that is completely mixed between the classic and the modern. Your itinerary in the city can be packed with parties in unusual places, between abandoned buildings and basements and chic or funky bars, all mixed with art and gastronomy.

9. Munich

In the last 20 years, Munich has concentrated the highest percentage of technological patents among great international potentials, which made the city gain the 14th place in the ranking of world modern evolution, according to 2thinknow. Of course, this reflects a lot not only on the structuring of the city, but also on the routine of its population. Among historical monuments, buildings and architecture, there is the whole functional side of the thing, as features that make your tour more practical, comfortable and functional.

10. London

London has the best of both worlds, as in addition to its history-filled buildings, there is also all the modern structure behind great buildings and tourist attractions. It’s impossible not to feel this modern atmosphere having a good drink at the top of the Shard, or seeing the panoramic view of Canary Wharf. If you need more proof, see London from the top of the London Eye and understand just how evolved a historic city can be.

11. Dublin

Dublin ‘s good infrastructure , as well as the instant emergence of technology companies, made the city gain a huge notoriety in terms of modernity. You can, for example, buy Dublin Pass , a card that gives you free entry to up to 33 listed attractions in the Irish capital, without having to face queues, and also guarantee some bus travel.

12. Copenhagen

Despite being a completely historic destination, Copenhagen stands out for its innovative urban planning. The use of bicycles for commuting in the city contributes a lot to the sustainability projects of the government, which by 2025 intends to completely restructure the capital of Denmark to depend only on wind energy.

13. Dubai

Listing the most evolved cities and not including Dubai is a sin! In fact, perhaps this is the destiny that was built specifically to receive such a title. Imagine a place built in the middle of a desert, with sophisticated buildings, cutting-edge technology, islands shaped like palm trees and a lot of luxury. Can you imagine? Well, you just thought of Dubai!

14. Tokyo

Those who go to the Japanese capital for the first time believe that, in fact, they have just taken a trip to the future. Tokyo has been breathing hi-tech culture for decades, and has always been at the forefront of technology and modernity. And these features are present everywhere, from your skyscrapers, to inside your hotel room, on your sophisticated, state-of-the-art faucets and toilets.

15. Shanghai

Even with technological advances, Shanghai has not let its traditional culture die. Everything is present between the sophisticated buildings (which offer the best view of the sunset), the cultural diversity strongly present among the Chinese, and tourist destinations for all tastes.

16. Hong Kong

The city’s technology companies are able to drive China’s economy strongly, exporting about US$ 241 billion in products made by them. This economic growth is also reflected in the entire structure of the city, which offers one of the fastest internets in the country, state-of-the-art buildings and traditional tourist attractions ranging from exquisite restaurants to stalls on the street.

17. Singapore

Singapore’s development and planning is so admirable that it even serves as a model for other Asian cities. And for that, the government created strict rules to keep the cleanliness, order, and local structure impeccable. The cost of living is high, but it guarantees good public transport, good security and, of course, a well-preserved and well-planned tourist route.

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