12 strangest beaches in the world for you to know

 Check out the list of the strangest beaches in the world below.

1. Bright beach, Maldives

This beach is a beauty because of a very bizarre event that takes place there, the sea is completely luminous at night, as if it were surrounded by neon light and ready to start that ballad. It seems that there are several stars, represented by their tiny points in the sky, that are transferred to the waters of the Maldives.

This beach lighting occurs because the phytoplankton that live in this sea emit this light that is simply wonderful. In several other coasts of the world this process also occurs, but the Maldives is the one with the highest concentration of this living being and makes it one of the strangest beaches in the world.

2. Praia do Cristal, Hawaii

This beautiful beach in Kauai, Hawaii, has a peculiarity that is rarely found in the whole world: instead of sand, what you step on are pieces of glass, crystals, stones; which makes the environment very beautiful and colorful. The main problem with all this is that you walk barefoot on the ‘sand’ and in the sea too, despite the stones being well cut and not puncturing your foot, they hurt because of their shape and for being really hard, but none of that takes away the beauty of this beautiful sea of ​​Hawaii.

3. Green Sand Beach, Hawaii

One more for the list of Hawaii, the land of the main waves in the world, is this beach that has a very bizarre situation that just by the photo you can already see. For some reason that mortals don’t know, the sand on the beach is green, look how funny.

Some scholars claim that this color is due to the minerals found in the place and close to it that for hundreds of thousands of years released this hue that began to color the sand. It really is one of the strangest beaches in the world.

4. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand is a country well known for its natural beauty, many of which come from its aphrodisiac and indecipherable coastline. There is also the land of extreme sports for the same reason, after all, with a wonder of those who don’t want to take risks in the midst of wild nature?


Well, despite all this being true, the country is also on the list of the strangest beaches in the world, because in one of them it is possible to find an extremely hot sea, which can reach 64 degrees Celsius. A tip that many tourists do is to make a sand bath near the sea and let the water in, you will feel like you are in a real spa.

5. The beach that sings, United States

There is a beach in Massachusetts, in the United States, where the friction between the grains of sand makes a very bizarre sound that sounds like the beach is singing. It may sound crazy, but it’s not, just visiting to see this phenomenon that is, to say the least, strange. There is even a stool for you to sit, admire the landscape and enjoy the music sung by the sand orchestra.

6. Star-shaped sand beach, Japan

On Irimote Island, in Japan, it is possible to find one of the strangest beaches in the world, because in place of the traditional sand known by every peoples, there is a sandy formation that turns into some well-known symbols around the world, such as the stars. It’s a really bizarre thing to think about and it’s not known for sure how it happened, but that the sand there is star-shaped, it does.

7. Tunnel Beach, New Zealand

New Zealand returns to the list of the strangest beaches in the world to show one more of its peculiarities in those beautiful oceans of Oceania. The ball of the time is a beach that is inside a tunnel. The amazing thing is that inside it can be completely dark, without you being able to see anything, but when you walk through it, you come across a paradise sea, out of the ordinary, it is so beautiful and incredible. It is really worth knowing this strange path and going to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

8. Pfeiffer Beach, United States

In California there is a beach with a very strange coloring sand, it mixes colors and starts to have very peculiar tones. This is because in the region there is a high concentration of quartz and manganese, these two metals have influenced the color of the sand in the region for many years. It is certainly one of the strangest beaches in the world because of this, but nothing that takes away from the beauty of the sea that surrounds this magic of nature.

9. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

The Bahamas is another place that is destined to have wonderful beaches everywhere you visit on the island, however, some of them have very different aspects to the ordinary. This is the case of this specific beach that is located on Habour Island, the color of the sand is pink, look how cool. This is because there are corals of that color there on this beach and the sand took on their color tone and made this beach, which is already an aphrodisiac, even more interesting.

10. Beach in the pasture, Spain

Think of yourself walking through a place with low grass, completely flat, that almost disappears into the horizon, practically a pasture for oxen and out of nowhere, when walking through this place, you find a beach right in the middle of it. That’s what happens if you go to Llanes, Spain, you’ll find a beach in the middle of a pasture. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean, but it is very small, extremely tiny, which makes it even weirder and more beautiful.

11. Beaches of the Cathedrals, Spain

Spain has another sea on the strangest beaches in the world, this time it’s because of a very different rock formation that occupies the coast of Ribadeo. In place of the traditional sand and the immensity of the sea in the background, you will find gigantic rock formations with openings in the middle that seem to have the shape of a Catholic cathedral. The place is only accessible at low tide, when the sea rises, everything is no longer just weird and becomes dangerous too.

12. Bowling Beach, United States

Finally, it’s time to return to the United States and see one of the strangest beaches in the world, because it has rocks scattered across the sea that are shaped like bowling balls. This formation occurred because the rocks were shaped by the wind and the sea for millions of years and ended up staying that way. Another masterpiece of nature that she made herself and she should take the credits.

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