Discover the travel destinations that best match your zodiac sign

Are you one of those people who loves to take a look at the horoscope of the day before leaving home? And to make a plan, do you also ask the stars for help?

If you like this exoteric side, we have prepared a super special list of travel destinations that match your sign, check it out!


The stubborn and adventurous Aryans need a destination to spend the energy they have to spare. Breaking new ground is essential, and if they are challenging and distant, even better!

Places that have a lot of culture, extreme sports, great bars, restaurants and museums should be included in the itinerary, but, at the same time, it is important that these children of Mars, the God of War, get in touch with nature to reflect a little. about life, and learn that in many moments it is better to have peace than reason.



Taurus like beautiful, comfortable places with good food. It can be an inn in the middle of nowhere or a luxury hotel in a busy city, as long as it has these three fundamental characteristics.

As they are terribly stubborn, it is better to align the script with these inflexible beings, so as not to get nervous during the trip – dealing with unforeseen events and surprises is not their strong point. They prefer to feel safe, so the best destination is one that offers a lot of knowledge and zero adventure.

Enjoying holidays in Santorini , Greece, will be forever marked in your good heart, especially that wonderful view of the sea praising the sunset. They would never tire of discovering Italy , as they are so obstinate that knowing the gastronomy of Florence, Rome , Venice , the Amalfi Coast and Milan will still be little.


It’s not very difficult to choose a destination for a Gemini, as those ruled by this sign adapt to any culture, temperature and customs, as long as they don’t have to do it alone.

Curious, places with a lot of diversity attract him, mainly because he likes to meet new people. On the other hand, he is fickle and prefers not to get attached. New York offers the best parties and nightlife so that Geminis feel free to interact, without having to expose themselves too much.

In the warm and youthful Colombian Caribbean you will find novelties that you love to explore. The mining town of Ouro Preto also offers an extensive cultural background that will make this son of Mercury forget his mania for persecution.


The sign linked to memory asks for a trip full of history, and if it has a hint of romanticism, even better. But the most important thing is to fill the Cancerian’s suitcase with tissues, even if he has an extra carry-on bag just for that, because there will be a lot of tears when he arrives at the destination of his dreams, or when he remembers someone special visiting a place. memorable.

They love a party, as long as they are accompanied by friends or family. Munich, Germany, will give them an incredible experience, as it is a joyful place full of tradition, including Oktoberfest .

Venice , in Italy, will soothe the lack of these innate emotions, and the historical itinerary of Minas Gerais will be very well used, and will remind you of everything you learned in school. Just be careful not to lose sight of them between walks as they stop to help someone on the street.


Leos like where the sun is, even because they think they are the star king himself, right?

Therefore, cross off all destinations that have snow from the list. They love a hustle and bustle, the kind that we easily find in the paradisiacal and busy Rio de Janeiro , and they need that energy to not get in a bad mood, but if there’s one thing that keeps the smile tattooed on the face of this generous sign, it’s a beautiful 5-star hotel, especially if you go to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, a place with a lot of luxury and comfort.

And to escape the routine they hate so much, Los Angeles will probably make them not want to come home anymore.


Anyone who lives with a Virgo knows how much they like everything neat, cute and in place, and of course for the perfect trip for these born critics, the destination must be impeccable in its architecture, organization and cleanliness.

Hitting traffic or tripping over a cobblestone would be reasons to end the joy of the ride. The discretion of the Swiss would easily attract him, and the entire infrastructure of Zurich faithfully reflects the perfectionist personality of this sign.



The sentimental and sensitive Libra needs to be dazzled before the eyes with striking and unforgettable landscapes. If it’s a romantic trip, even better!

Favorite honeymoon destinations are the ones that most please the children of Venus, the Goddess of Love, and obviously Paris cannot be left out of the list. The tranquility of Bora Bora would fill your heart with satisfaction, as would the untouchable waters of Fernando de Noronha.

Libras should avoid shopping-focused trips, because they are so indecisive and swayable that any salesperson would convince them to take the entire store!


The intense Scorpio needs a destination that makes him intensify his liberal, modern and cosmopolitan side, and that puts his paranoia to sleep. He loves a mystery and is passionate about knowing the history of where he visits.

Small Tel Aviv, in Israel, would certainly attract the curiosity of those ruled by this sign, and its strategic side and strong personality would come out intensely on a visit to Poland. As they are of the water element, Scorpios also love the beach, and our beloved Florianópolis , full of interesting people, combines very well with their sensuality.


Travel for Sagittarius is synonymous with freedom. Therefore, itineraries that include places where everything is possible is essential, especially if it includes an adventure that gives that butterflies in the belly.

Your optimistic side will guarantee you a good time in Las Vegas , and already on the way out, still on the plane, you will think during the whole journey that you will leave the casino with your pockets full, and without delay, you will already make plans for your next vacation in Ibiza with snorts that he hasn’t even won yet. The countless possibilities found in São Paulo will make you even more intense and fulfilled.


Capricorns are so hands-on that the perfect destination for them is where they don’t have to spend a lot to have fun. And fun for them is getting to know places full of history, and that add great value to humanity.

Buenos Aires , right next door, is ideal, as its currency is cheap, and the cultural heritage of Athens, Greece, and the Discovery Route, in Bahia, will also guarantee the satisfaction of Jupiter’s children.


Aquarius people don’t like to go where everyone else goes. They want to die with popular and conservative rides. They love to get involved with local political history, and are born revolutionaries.

While everyone goes to Paris , the Aquarius will be with the backpack on his back getting to know the medieval side of Yvoire. And if everyone is looking for the  coast, it will be the difference that will be acquiring more knowledge with the architectural history of Brasilia. And if he’ll brag about it to everyone, you can bet.

But what we can’t deny is that Aquarians are exotic and love new experiences, and South Africa will blow you away with its complexity and beauty.


Portugal is the land of Pisces! Its history full of sentimentality and spirituality well represent the most striking characteristics of this sign. In fact, there will be so many historical places to discover from our settlers, in addition to the incredible local gastronomic experience, that there won’t even be time left for your usual victimism.

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