12 secret tourist destinations for an unusual trip

For those who like to make very different trips, you need to research a lot before choosing the place you are going to visit. There are several options that are little known in the world, but that many people have not yet had the opportunity to discover – due to lack of information or even for not taking the research further. Secret tourist destinations are for those people who are not afraid of adventure and who like to celebrate the different, the innovative, the out-of-the-ordinary.

Appreciating this landscape, which is totally different from what you see in common tourist spots, is thinking about a new life experience, because knowing and understanding diversity is a quality that few people have. Now, you will check out secret tourist destinations in every corner of the world, all of them spectacular to discover as soon as possible.

Check out below what each of these secret tourist destinations can offer you with its beauty, charm and mystery. You will definitely love exploring these places.

1. Vermilion Cliffs National Monument – ​​Arizona, United States

This rock formation that is found in Arizona is something spectacular. There are several rocks in the shape of waves that were cut by the wind since the Jurassic period, at the time of the dinosaurs. It is an incredible place and you will definitely enjoy visiting it.

2. Monkey Park – Nagano, Japan

It’s time to go to the other side of the world and see this wonderful park full of monkeys of all kinds that are super friendly and also love to show off. They stay inside hot springs relaxing, while you can see them and even interact with the animals. Isn’t it delicious?!

3. Spotted Lake – Columbia, Canada

This lake is one of the most incredible things you will see on this list, because it has a kind of mystery because of the circular shapes that appear inside it. It’s something that can seem to be supernatural, in fact, so different from anything you’ve ever seen in your life, but don’t be alarmed, these circular formations are because of the minerals that surround the entire lake area. For sure, one of the most different secret tourist destinations among them all.

4. Yuan Yang – Yunnan, China

China is dominated by paradisiacal landscapes that escape common sense and always surprise those who pass by, the Yuan Yang is a very clear example of this. They are walls that form shelves and inside them lakes, something incredible and that you will only be able to see there, very different from anything you may have already witnessed.

5. The Gates of Hell – Derweze, Turkmenistan

Don’t be scared by the name, but some ideas may have already emerged from reading it – and if you thought of fire, you can be sure you’re right. This place is in a well-hidden country in Asia that is little known to peoples. There there is an area with a huge number of flammable gases that just come into contact with oxygen start to catch fire, as if the flames were born naturally in that place. It is not known for sure why this happens right there, but these gases come directly from the center of the Earth and are burned in that specific place.

6. Hitachi Coastal Park – Ibiraki, Japan

There are about 190 hectares of pure beauty and delicacy in this beautiful and wonderful park in Japan. For sure, the most beautiful among the secret tourist destinations that you will find in this list. Flowers of different colors, styles and shapes surround the entire length of this place to bring you some peace and fresh air. If you like flowers and love spring, you need to know this place.

7. Goblin Valley – Utah, United States

This park has a very beautiful feature that has to do with the transforming power of nature over the years. The rocks that are found there have practically all the same shape, this is largely due to the wind that passed through them during all these thousands of years in the same way. Some say they look like elves’ faces, others like mushrooms, the point is to go there and define what these stones actually look like.

8. The Great Prismatic Fountain – Yellowstone, United States

Yellowstone National Park is one of the coolest secret tourist destinations to visit in the world. It has several attractions very different from what is sought in tourism by common sense and all are wonderful. The main point are the huge hot springs that appear in different parts of the park, some are so special that rainbows form around them, isn’t that amazing?!

9. The Rayong Dam – Thailand

Located in the city of Rayong, this beautiful dam speaks for itself why it is so special to be a tourist destination. Her formation is so perfect it looks like it was drawn, almost a computer wallpaper. You can still enter the center of it, where there is no water, and observe this wonder up close.

10. Mono Lake – California, United States

The beauty and strangeness of this lake, which is in the state of California, is that in addition to the lush landscape that surrounds it, you will find rock formations in the water that resemble the famous soapstones of Ouro Preto. When observing closely, you can imagine yourself inside an aquarium, with those rocks full of holes inside for the fish to hide and rest.

11. Canola Fields – Luoping, China

Another spectacular landscape that you will find in China are these beautiful Canola Fields located in the city of Luoping. And the best thing is that there is no need to say anything, just observe this image and you will be sure of the calm and peace you will have when visiting this sensationally created place by nature.

12. Skaftatell National Park – Kirkjubæjarklaustur, Iceland

It’s no use trying to memorize the name of the city as this is hard to get, but don’t pay attention to this detail next to the immensity of beauty that this park will provide you as soon as you go to know the wonders of Iceland. They are glaciers that were frozen in shapes that designate moving prints, they are true works of art made by nature. You will definitely love to visit this place.

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