Top 6 tourist attractions in Malta – places with a special charm

With so many things to offer, it is difficult to choose only 7 tourist attractions in Malta . The Maltese islands offer any tourist who arrives here a much broader vision of a rich heritage that is worth exploring.

Malta, Gozo and Comino form the Maltese archipelago, a place on which ephemeral time has had its say. Bathed in the sun’s rays, the landscape is completed by picturesque towns perched on the top of the hills, ports by the sea and old villages. Besides these, Malta is proud of the memory of the legendary knights who fought against the Turks and carried out the Crusades.

Those who love culture and history should start with Valleta, the capital of the island of Malta, where they can discover splendid palaces, majestic churches and fascinating museums waiting to be explored. With an impressive harbor, Valletta is a great starting point to start this journey, on foot. For those for whom walking is not the first choice, we tell them that they can cross the islands with public transport, an excellent choice.

However you choose to visit Malta, let’s start the journey together through the wonderful and unique Maltese archipelago!


1. Mdina – the medieval city

The city of Mdina is a city that offers tourists an escape in a fairytale environment, being surrounded by history. Right from the beginning, you have to go through the main gate to be able to enter the city itself, and with this, you will have the impression that you have gone back in time. In the immense city, you will discover an enchanting world, without cars, with old buildings, with passers-by who choose their steps carefully and are not in a hurry.

The most important tourist attraction in Mdina is the Cathedral of Saint Paul , a glorious baroque building, designed by the Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafa . The richly decorated sanctuary has a magnificent dome, marble columns, gilded details and gorgeous paintings on the ceiling. The cathedral possesses a precious icon of the Madonna from the 12th century and works of art by the famous Maltese painter Mattia Preti .

Another must visit is Palazzo Santa Sofia , a grand and historically significant palace. The Palazzo is a wonderful monument that houses the superb Natural History Museum , with a remarkable collection of geological exhibits such as those of fossils, insects and animals.

2. Blue Lagoon, Comino Island

A perfect creation of nature, the Blue Lagoon looks like a painting outlined in shades of crystalline turquoise, which reflects the color of the water and gives the impression of a huge pool. This lagoon has a small beach, where you will find umbrellas and chairs for rent; we recommend that you arrive here earlier than 10:30, because after this time the beach gets crowded. The other option is to go to the beach on the hot rocks and use the refreshment stands found around the lagoon to experience relaxation at its highest level.

Swimmers can enjoy perfectly tempered and clean waters, which are equivalent in length to several Olympic swimming pools. The lagoon is less crowded after 16:00, but the returning ferries stop working after 18:00. The island of Comino attracts many snorkelers, divers and surfers, and access to the Blue Lagoon is by ferry from Mgarr , on the island of Gozo .

3. Blue Grotto, Island of Malta

The Blue Grotto should not be confused with the Blue Lagoon, which is located in the North-West of the archipelago. Being a complex of 7 caves found along the south coast of the island, the true beauty of the place is surprised when the magic is revealed to you, once you arrive here: the blue sky is reflected in the white sand on the bottom of the sea, under the caves, resulting colors vibrant, azure. In addition, the walls of the caves reflect the bright orange, purple and phosphorescent green colors of the underwater flora, outlining for the viewers a fascinating landscape full of light.

You can enjoy the island by means of a tour with one of the traditionally painted fishing boats, called luzzus . They leave approximately every 20-30 minutes, when the sea calms down, and the walk lasts approximately 25 minutes; the water route includes 6 caves, including the Blue Grotto. Our advice is to try to make this visit at the beginning of the day, ideally before 2:00 p.m., when the sun illuminates the water best and the seascapes are only good to post on social networks.

You can also enjoy souvenir shops, ice cream shops, cafes, as well as cliffside restaurants, with amazing views, in the village of Wiez iz-Zurrieq . Also, this tourist attraction is a popular destination among divers due to its active marine life.

4. Dingli Cliffs, Island of Malta

If you appreciate the coastal landscapes, you should take a short trip from the Blue Grotto, by car or bus, to the Dingli cliffs . They descend dramatically into the Mediterranean Sea, offering breathtaking panoramas. In addition to exploring nature and enjoying the wonders it offers, we recommend you not to miss visiting a small chapel on a nearby hill, dedicated to Mary Magdalene; although closed to visitors, the panorama from this place will be worth the effort to get here.

Keep in mind that there are no cafes or toilets in this area, and the bus station is not visible, buses rarely run. However, the spectacular view will be worth the effort of traveling such a road.

5. Golden Bay, Island of Malta

With its sandy shores protected by a mountainous coast and sloping hills, the Golden Bay is located in the north-west of Malta and is one of the most spectacular beaches on the island. Unlike other beaches, this one is far from street traffic , which makes it an ideal place to escape from the crowds. From the golden and fine sands to the clean and gentle waters for swimming, the area is ideal if you want to spend the day while listening to the soothing sound of the waves.

Beach chairs and umbrellas are available for rent, the beach has well-maintained facilities, including public toilets and changing rooms. Golful de Aur is an area easily accessible by car or bus, the station being only a 5-minute walk from the beach.

For a perfect relaxing experience on the beach, there are cafes and restaurants with terraces and superb views of the sea.

6. Popeye Village, Island of Malta

If you are planning a vacation with your children, Popeye in Mellieha offers you a great entertainment space to spend the whole day. This charming tourist attraction was originally designed for the 1980 film Popeye, starring Robin Williams , and has become one of the most important tourist attractions in Malta.

In Popeye’s seaside village consisting of 20 wooden structures, you can meet Popeye the Sailor who will take you on a complete tour of the village , where he will show you the post office, the bakery and other landmarks of Popeye’s village, such as is he known Besides these, there are other attractions, including a beach and souvenir shops.

On this trip, children will enjoy and love the boat trips and trampolines. A Santa’s town is built especially for them , where he prepares the gifts for the Holidays. Although you might think that it is a tourist attraction especially for the winter period, you will be surprised to find out how interested the little ones are in seeing how Mosul prepares their gifts and how far in advance they prepare for the Eve evening.

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