19 things that go through every travel lover’s mind

Travel broadens horizons and transforms people who, little by little, become citizens of the world. Travelers’ feelings and thoughts can be more similar than you might think, and it’s always great to share experiences with other people who like to discover new places. To show you how similar travelers feel, we’ve put together a list of 19 things that every travel lover’s head goes through. Check out!

1. The more places you know, the more places you want to visit

Traveling is an addiction, a syndrome already named: dromomania. With each trip you take, you add as many places to the list and start planning your next adventure.

2. When you are traveling, everything looks wonderful, different and photo-worthy

When you are traveling, all the experiences that are banal in everyday life take on a special meaning, and the memories are forever etched in the memory. All the details that are normally ignored, enchant – from the graffiti on the wall to the color of the fruits.

3. People think you won the lottery

You didn’t win the lottery and money doesn’t fall from the sky: you work hard and use your savings to travel. While people pay zero car financing, you pay the plane ticket installment: it’s a matter of priority. The priority of those who love to travel is to enjoy unique experiences and discover fantastic places, feel new smells and flavors, challenge themselves and expand their understanding of the world. To be able to travel, many people stop buying several things they would like to have: priorities.

4. The night before the trip, anxiety does not allow you to sleep

It’s time to go to bed when you mentally review if the documents are stored, remember to put the extra camera battery in your backpack, think about the itinerary for the next few days… And maybe get up a few times to check the flight schedule, to avoid any mistakes.

5. Your social networks are full of texts and phrases about travel

You know the meaning of “wanderlust”, you have memorized at least 10 phrases about travel and identify with texts that reflect the wonder of traveling.

6. Weeks before traveling, the itinerary is ready

Every day is precious and those who really love to travel research the tips available on the internet about the destination, in order to prepare an itinerary with the activities and tours that will be carried out.

7. Your phone only has useful travel apps

It is app for everything that is side. It has an application with tips for tours, maps, currency converter, weather forecast, shows, photo editor and everything else you are entitled to.

8. Seeing the passport full of stamps is a joy beyond measure

A joy that every traveler has, but that he usually doesn’t show, is seeing his passport full of colorful and messy stamps. It is as if the passport were an extension of the body, and the stamps, the tattoos that tell stories.

9. Packing is not a challenge: it’s a hobby

At first, it is very difficult to know what to pack and how to organize it. But over time, the technique improves and you become an expert in the field, and often even consult with friends and family. In addition, he learns that suitcase has to be packed in advance, anticipating that sometimes it may be necessary to buy something that was missing.

10. Spending hours on a bus or waiting at the airport is not a problem

Travelers know that waiting for the journey to the destination can take a long time, because cheaper tickets lead to longer connections, and to save even more you can opt for a bus trip. Prepared travelers already carry something to pass the time with them, such as books and mobile games: waiting is not a problem.

11. You lose a lot of fears to enjoy the trip to the fullest

When traveling, everything is relative. Many fears are overcome to make the most of an experience, and sometimes the situation requires you to challenge yourself.

12. Unforeseen events happen on trips, but they become irrelevant

There are so many good things that happen on trips that any problems become small. In the end, everything becomes fuel for their stories and memories, even their problems.

13. When traveling, sleep as little as possible

When traveling, the rule that sleep is for the weak applies (when the trip ends, the rule expires).

14. You love all movies that show places you’ve been

The movies that take place in places you’ve already visited make you relive all the memories of that trip.

15. Discover every corner of destiny without fear of being happy

The whole place deserves to be visited and you even explore residential neighborhoods to understand how that culture works. Even you don’t understand how you can walk so much when you’re traveling.

16. Are you willing to eat local foods for the full experience?

Regardless of what it is, it is unacceptable to stay only at fast food. You experience. You may not like it, but only after tasting that you become capable of expressing an opinion and remembering the taste of local dishes.

17. Anyone is a potential new friend

From the waiter to a stranger on the street: anyone can become a friend for life.

18. Do you realize how big the world is?

The world is big and full of fantastic places. When you get to know other places and other cultures, you start to see life with different eyes, and you end up realizing that life is not short if you know how to enjoy it.

19. You always feel that depression at the end of the trip

It’s inevitable. The only remedy is to plan the next one.

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