9 countries that best welcome tourists and make you feel at home

Diving in beaches with transparent waters, knowing the historical riches and culinary delights of another country are some of the main assets on each trip, but it is equally valuable to be well received in each destination. ADVERTISING Who doesn’t like to receive clear information about addresses when getting lost on a different corner, being … Read more

Top 5 tourist attractions Odessa – the port city of Ukraine

Odessa  is the beautiful port city of Ukraine, which still retains its unmistakable charm and which has attracted millions of sailors, businessmen and tourists alike over the centuries. Odessa remains one of the energetic cities, in continuous movement, which led its social life according to its own rules, regardless of the uncertain political periods – … Read more

8 cheapest cities to live in Europe

Contrary to what most people think, living in Europe is not necessarily something absurdly expensive, because just like anywhere in the world, there are cities where you can spend even less money as they offer a low cost of living (food, rent and transport) and often good paying jobs. With that in mind, we have … Read more