Navigating 2023| Unveiling the Top Travel Trends

You’re not the only one who can’t wait for the lockdown to end. Travel is now more popular than ever with consumers thanks to the epidemic. The most popular travel trends for 2023 are people spending extended periods of time on the road, abroad, and at sea.

Here are seven travel trends taking off this year.

1. Longer Stay

After being stuck at home for more than a year, you probably won’t shed a tear just because you haven’t seen it for a while. Vacations ranging from two weeks to a full month are the new normal for people looking for relaxation and adventure.

Rather than rushing through all the attractions, more extended vacations allow travelers to savor each destination. People take advantage of ample time to travel between cities, national parks, and other landmarks and enjoy the local culture. Spending an extra week or two also allows you to embark on a more ambitious trip. Rather than limiting yourself to one international destination, you can take a train or fly between countries, or you can take a multi-day road trip.

A helpful tip for long-stay travelers: If you’re traveling for more than a month, you probably don’t want to limit yourself to public transportation. With car rentals scarce and prices skyrocketing, it may be easier and more cost-effective to ship your car to your destination.

Breeze Customs is also your best choice if you plan to ship your vehicle as they believe importing should be simple, even for people who don’t import often.

2. Working Holidays

With the rise of remote work and the shift to portable home offices, it’s becoming increasingly popular for people to work on the road.

You don’t even have to take time off when you start working. You can plan your daily activities around the times you need to work, or you can choose to work during the week and explore on the weekends. Remote working gives you the flexibility to travel as much as you want, without the staff even having to know you’re on the road.

You can use this method to extend your vacation or even take a cross-country road trip. With working from home becoming the norm, you never have to say no to a last-minute trip.

3. Road Trip

Road trips are that bucket list vacation that almost everyone wants, but no one has the time for. In the wake of the pandemic, people are finally taking the time to explore the open roads.

Road trips allow you to see more, move at your own pace, and isolate in the car, away from other people. You can choose from a weekend excursion or one of the most popular month-long routes in the United States.

A road trip is a great vacation for those who like to call the shots. This is your car and you travel under your power. Without bus or plane schedules, you can be as spontaneous or as meticulous as you like. Drive across the country, stopping in every major city, or wander through unknown nearby towns and parks. this is your choice.

4. Travel Protection

Prior to COVID, travel insurance was not the most popular add-on, particularly for low-budget travelers. Rather than pay more to guarantee a cancellation that you might not need, you may have chosen to expect the worst and take a chance.

The carefree mindset of “whatever happens, happens” is no longer present. Murphy’s Law has become remarkably clear in the last two years.

For good reason, the number of people purchasing travel insurance has significantly increased. The only thing you can be confident of is the high probability of delays or cancellations due to COVID-19 saturation spikes and unclear delta variations.

5. Luxurious Accommodation

Amidst the epidemic, some have learned to be more economical, while others have adopted the “you only live once” mentality. After a year indoors, travelers are seeking a luxurious getaway.

Perhaps the uncertainty around the possibility of further lockdowns contributes to this, but individuals are becoming more adept at traveling in 2023.

Many individuals are starting fresh while traveling, whether it’s dividing up a large Airbnb home or choosing a five-star hotel they hadn’t thought of previously.

This luxurious vacation doesn’t even have to be the priceiest you’ve ever taken, depending on where you’re going. In several locations, the hotel business has suffered and is now providing offers on opulent lodging. As a result, although some guests paid the full amount, others reserved undervalued rooms away from busy times.

Exotic encounters beyond hotels are also becoming more prevalent. Along with the most luxurious restaurants they can locate, travelers who reserve the nicest lodging also often add spa treatments and exclusive local excursions to their itinerary. It could be time for you to pamper yourself if you’ve spent a lot of money throughout the epidemic.

6. Outdoor Exercise

People want to travel and see new things, but they also want to use natural therapies to help them overcome their COVID-19 claustrophobia.

Many employees who were cooped up in their home offices during the epidemic are raring to go. Places known for outdoor sports such as hiking, camping, or kayaking are growing in popularity. More and more travelers are choosing destinations known for their natural wonders and wide-open spaces.

Outdoor vacations also benefit from being fairly COVID-safe. Being outdoors, surrounded by nature rather than people, is perfect for social distancing.

With plenty of state, national, and international parks to choose from, the possibilities for an outdoor vacation are endless.

7. Cruise Comeback

Cruise ships aren’t exactly on the decline, but they haven’t been one of the most popular vacation options of the past few years, either.

Now, people are seeing the value of a great cruise both financially (as the price usually includes all your food and drinks) and physically. You can easily see more places to choose from by cruising with your preferred itinerary.

With strict rules in place, you can expect to travel with vaccinated people and staff. As a result, many travelers feel safe despite the close proximity.

Vacationers also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and minimal cruise plans. After you do some research to find sites and activities you like, you press “book” and it’s done. For a “set it and forget it” vacation with no shortage of attractions, cruises are on the rise.

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